/ABC, CBS Boast About Biden Beating President Trump in National Poll

ABC, CBS Boast About Biden Beating President Trump in National Poll

With almost a year and a half to go until the 2020 general election, Tuesday’s editions of ABC’s World News Tonight and CBS Evening News showed that the media didn’t learn anything from 2016. Nearly two weeks ahead of the first Democratic Party debate, both broadcast networks boasted about former Vice President Joe Biden’s 13-point national lead against President Trump.

Despite Trump’s massive 2016 upset (proving all the national polls to be grossly inaccurate), CBS fill-in anchor Margaret Brennan led into the story by bragging about how “a new Quinnipiac University poll gives Joe Biden a 13-point lead nationally over President Trump.” She also touted political correspondent Ed O’Keefe’s forthcoming report by suggesting it showed why the “Trump campaign has a reason to be worried.”

O’Keefe – Days – Iowa – Caucuses – Days

O’Keefe admitted that “there are 237 days until the Iowa caucuses and 511 days until election day 2020.” But that didn’t stop him from reveling in claims from anonymous sources that suggested: “Internal Trump campaign polling shows Biden leading the president in several key states Mr. Trump will need to keep the White House, including Florida, North Carolina, and Arizona.”

Later on in his report, O’Keefe noted that Biden was still leading in Iowa among the other Democrats and that Iowa voters wanted most of the 24-candidate field to drop out. He also shared how Biden didn’t put faith in the polls this far out.

Sensationalist – ABC – Anchor – David – Muir

Meanwhile, sensationalist ABC anchor David Muir hyped the “the new and eye-opening numbers. If this does end up being Trump versus Biden,” as he handed the story off to senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce.

Bruce didn’t really touch on the poll numbers directly in her report, so Muir wanted her to talk more about them with viewers. “Biden now leading the President by a pretty wide margin there; 53 percent to 40 percent. But that…

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