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Joint Paramining Cryptocurrency Prizm. | Referral, MLM and…

The world’s first Bitcoin bonds were issued.

The Luxembourg securities company Argento and the London Stock Exchange issued the world’s first Bitcoin-denominated bonds. They are regulated by the relevant UK body, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
This is a unique regulated cryptoproduct without fiat assets. It will be available through the Bloomberg terminal and will first receive its own ISIN code. Different options will be available, depending on the phenomena characteristic of cryptocurrency – FOMO, HODL and MOON.
“This is an excellent product for users who currently own Bitcoins and do not plan to sell over the next few years,” said CEO Benjamin Davis.
Bitcoin is officially recognized as a reliable investment instrument and is traded on the London Stock Exchange, even if in the form of bonds! This is a huge leap forward for the entire cryptocurrency community!

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