/Welcome to IcyHotPatchs WoW Classic interface guide!

Welcome to IcyHotPatchs WoW Classic interface guide!

IcyHotPatch’s WoW Interface Guide: Welcome to IcyHotPatch’s WoW Classic interface guide!

Welcome to IcyHotPatch’s WoW Classic interface guide!

Hello fellow adventure seekers. My name is IcyHotPatch, but my friends call me Alex. I wanted to make a guide tailored specifically to making your interface as convenient and user friendly as possible in World of Warcraft Classic. This main post will have quick links to specific guides for every type of player out there, with one that includes my interface – which is for all intents and purposes a total replacement for the blizzard interface. I hope you enjoy!

PSA: Let’s get the obvious out of the way up front. ElvUI is a one stop shop that includes much of the customization I will include in my guides. Specifically it replaces everything you can see on your default WoW screen from the styling of the map and unit frames, to the location of menus and castbars. I think Elv is a fantastic option, and one that you will see most raiders and streamers use. For some of us however, we like a little more specific customization, and a little more variety. For some others, we prefer a more trimmed down approach installing only needed changes to the default interface and leaving most of it in tact. My goal is to cover all of those individuals with these guides. If you are already an ElvUI user, the moderate addons guide below is a great resource for supplemental Addons to go with your Elv.

ElvUi in my opinion is STRICTLY better than the default interface, even if you had let’s call it 5 addons to supplement Blizzard’s UI. It does make a performance demand on your gaming rig, so keep that in mind. My full replacement UI guide will probably have much more demand on your system than ElvUI, due to the sheer number of addons that I run. Keep all of this in mind.

With that out of the way the first section is going to be addons that are classic specific. These are mainly a quality of life thing, but they have a huge impact on combat and what data you can visually collect. Some of these will also be included in “Mandatory Raid” addons.


So the next guide is what I would call the minimalist approach. This is the MANDATORY addons for raiding, without significantly changing anything about the original game’s look, feel, or style. They are mandatory for raiding because it will be information your Raid Lead expects you to have and be aware of.

IcyHot’s Minimalist Guide

This next guide would be the addons that require the least amount of setup time and modification, but offer the most value and convenience. These are plug and play, and really if you need to change any settings at all, it will be fairly obvious what those are. These are a great supplement to ElvUI or the default Blizzard interface.

IcyHot’s Essential Addons List

And finally we come to it, the great list of all time. This is the complete list of addons I use personally. There are close to 40. I will include a reason behind each one, and what the main value and purpose it is in my gameplay. To set up something similar to what I have is probably a 2 hour project for a novice. I have 15 years experience playing the game, and have used most of these addons for years. That said, for each one I will try to give you just a couple noteworthy settings to be aware of so that you can get the obvious stuff out of the way. Some of it is pure personal preference. Keep in mind the screen shot below has my ZPERL menu up so you can see the placement of my raidframes.

IcyHot’s Complete Guide

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