2020-06-30 09:07:13SEOоSurging News (www.thepaper.cn) recently from the National People’s Congress, vice president of Anhui Agricultural Sciences Anhui Zhao Ping was informed that he would submit “recommendations on the sacrifices of the martyrs and compatriots to fight against SARS death struggle for the monument” in the country this year.Third, the prevention and control of workplace managementSeven Questions: The district where the cabinet to express who charge?American politicians had exposed the site for up to 57 memorandum of the Republican National Committee sent to the Senate campaign organization, encouraged by the positive response to the outbreak of crisis to attack China, China also gives the cover-up led to the spread of the virus, such as three attack routes.The core meaning is, as long as that epidemic, attacked China.This is a rejection of the United States in the pot drama, has been seriously spoilers, and is followed down does not make sense.

Back to school the day of third grade, students fever cases for various reasons.In this case, in Beijing on novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control of the press conference, City Board of Education spokesman Li Yi said the three days of the first day of school, 8.40 000 students, 125 people have fever.And it has been the first time to contact parents, and launched an emergency plan, rapid detection, all ruled out pneumonia new crown. Click into the topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic Editor: Zheng Yapeng(Xii) enhance on-site inspections.Venues should arrange for someone to do the show on-site management, reminded the audience that the right to wear masks, condemnation, keep a safe distance.Cancel live interactive sessions before and after the show.Original title: Beijing Municipal Education Commission: the second school students back to school, health firstSmartphone citizens can scan or long press download under the Fanger Wei code recognition “Beijing Petition” APP, after downloading registration log text put forward their claims, documents and images in the form.

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We call upon the international media to uphold professional ethics, adhere to scientific rationality, adhere to objective truth, insist on a fair balance, and create a favorable social atmosphere for the fight against the epidemic. Click into the topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic outbreak of a new global multi-national crown pneumonia epidemic Editor: Zhang Shen”Through the joint efforts of the whole nation, as of now, we have achieved initial victory in fight against SARS.But we also have to fight a number of new crown pneumonia epidemic frontline health care workers and cadres and the masses to sacrifice.”In this regard, Zhao Wan Ping suggested that the sacrifice of the martyrs to fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic and death struggle in Wuhan compatriots build monument.


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(C) Examination.Top-examination time for the year 20 206 20 – 21.After Luo Moumou admission by a comprehensive examination of its blood and chest CT image in line with the country’s new crown pneumonia treatment program (seventh edition) confirmed cases standard.Integrated current patient’s condition, Sanya city center hospital diagnosed as novel coronavirus pneumonia, and was revised to 15 confirmed cases.Health Committee of the National Health Disease Control Bureau inspector He Qinghua a 13th State Council on the joint prevention and control mechanism of a news conference, Hubei, Battle, Battle of Wuhan decisive outcome, the national epidemic blocking action also made significant strategic achievements, our country epidemic prevention and control work has entered a state of emergency to normalization from the prevention and control of state.How do the normalization of prevention and control work, carry out the Party Central Committee and State Council decisions and arrangements regarding epidemic prevention and control and coordinate development of economic and social development, normalization of work to do, the Central Leading Group agreed to deal with the epidemic, the State Council joint prevention and control mechanism issued the “guiding opinions on normalization of the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention work,” mainly in five areas.(Xiii) make the employees’ health monitoring.Good employee health management in accordance with local requirements, master track employee travel, etc..When the pre-service staff to detect body temperature, fever, respiratory symptoms, and report to suspend work.

Annex 3Fifth Quartet to implement the responsibility to make the prevention and control work in full normalization.Department in charge of territorial responsibility for the full implementation of the local party committee and government, Systems Division, the main responsibility of enterprises and institutions, home personal responsibility for self-protection, prevention and control form together to promote comprehensive prevention and control of normalization.Feng nest customer service response, no mandatory overtime charges, each customer has two free single opportunity.In addition, he said, it has received abundant nest requested an extension of free storage time demands, is evaluating the follow-up will have the appropriate optimization measures or pending state.He also said that the current cabinet of all inputs abundance of nest express, Feng nest require informed consent must pass user.Feng nest usually also communicate with the courier company has a corresponding contact.Next, HSBC will nest on the new site or other business-related optimization measures, will have to wait. Source: National Post micro-channel public number Editor: Zheng YapengFirst, prevention, good normalization personal protection.Wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and often ventilation, a noodle, chopsticks system, small dinners, these good health habits and health behaviors can not only prevent and control the new crown pneumonia, other infectious diseases prevention and control can also.

(A) adhere to the norm prevention and control.Across cultural and tourism administrative departments shall, in accordance with the “territorial principle” strict compliance with requirements of the local epidemic prevention and control headquarters sector, combined with the actual situation in the region, firmly and realistically grasp relentlessly fine the prevention and control work, formulate Space Included Internet Services epidemic prevention and control programs within and contingency plans, and timely dynamically adjusted to ensure safety.Wang Yi said that the current epidemic is still spreading worldwide multinational.Every day, tens of thousands of people have been infected with the virus every day, thousands of people lose their lives.In the face of heavy facts and figures, without any agenda is more important than saving people’s lives, there is no task more urgent than unity and cooperation among States.City of Letters and Visits Office also opened a “petition Beijing” micro-channel public number, click on the menu numbers public – after “online petition online petition platform” to register log in, put forward their claims to the text, documents and images in the form.

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