/AMD to release Hangar 21 tech demo with ray tracing on November 19th

AMD to release Hangar 21 tech demo with ray tracing on November 19th

AMD released a teaser of a new tech demo for AMD Radeon RX 6000 graphics cards.

AMD Ray Tracing Tech Demo: Hangar 21

AMD promises to unveil the tech demo on November 19th, a day after the RX 6800 series officially launches. We do not know why there is a delay in the release of the demonstration, nor did AMD confirm whether the tech demo will be available for download or this is just a date for full video release.

The Hangar 21 tech demo focuses on DirectX 12 Ultimate technologies which are paired with AMD FidelityFX. It is unclear which technologies exactly will be demonstrated in the tech demo, but the teaser confirms it will focus on reflections, shadows, and lighting. All fields are tied to the Microsoft DXR ray tracing technology.

AMD has engaged in partnerships with multiple game developers who are expected to include AMD FidelityFX technology into their games. The list of games includes WoW Shadowlands, Far Cry 6, Godfall, Dirt 5 and The Riftbreaker. The FidelityFX package includes new technologies such as Contrast Adaptive Sharpening, Ambient Occlusion, Variable Shading, Screen Space Reflections, Denoiser, HDR Mapper, and Downsampler.

AMD Radeon RX 6800 series are set to launch tomorrow, while the RX 6900XT will debut on December 2nd. AMD used RX 6900XT to capture this teaser.

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